Stress factors among students studying university is increasing rapidly by burden of work and social problems. University students are the adults, the manpower and nation builders of tomorrow. They are facing serious challenges which are sometimes solvable in fair way by little efforts. Depression in previous decades was associated to aged persons but nowadays common in youngsters. Due to facts that the peace element is missing in today’s youth. The peace of students is in the first place for progress in competitive world.

There are many serious incidents and deaths of students are recorded in universities and the ratio is increasing . How much justice was provided or how they were handled by authorities is another debate. But identification of major factors that raised incidents is the most important question to investigate. These factors are competition, failure, financial issues and different social issues grow the stress. Consequently, this causes the lack of potential to share ideas and efforts to gain knowledge.

The most highlighted Dr, Nimirta’s case, how it is handling by authorities is dreadful. Is justice provided to Naila Rind a University graduate suicides? What were the recommendations of Noreen Laghari MBBS student’s case that joined Daish? Similarly, in both cases we noticed that there is a lack of guidance, mentoring or training to handle their stress level.

Universities are the institutions where youngsters come for higher education. It is the place where the specialized knowledge is provided and make competent individuals. Evidently, in such incidents how much parents suffer and experience the nastiest, only they know better. So, it will be better to give attention to the mental health of students. The proper counseling is also helpful for future.

Nevertheless, the policy makers needs to perform their role and introduce mental health education at the university level. It will definitely minimize such incidents. Furthermore, variety of interactive activities must sustain the positive impact over students.

Muhammad Azeem

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