This guidebook will help teachers to understand basic concepts of subject MATHEMATICS at root levels and implement them in their classes in a manner to get effective outcomes from the students in a best-suited way. More emphasis had given to teachers’ participation, class activities (worksheets), and motivation towards teaching.

During designing of this manual, the andragogic approach is well-considered and also followed the bloom’s taxonomy. More emphasis is given to learning objectives to meet teachers’ overall training goals, evidence of learning (assessment results), and evaluation activities.  Learning objectives are mentoring, content learning, communication, effective teaching, time management and problem-solving techniques.

Counting machine made by students’, Hyderabad

Mathematics is basic science, it plays a vital role in the expansion of education in different ways. Its understanding is directly proportional to the effective teaching methodologies. It is hoped that this manual will aid teachers in their efforts to promote mathematics among school children and bring their performance to a higher level. It is also hoped that both the training program will support the teachers in their efforts to help students to increase the expected competencies in the subject.

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