Educational psychology

Educational Psychology

Psychology is a scientific study of the human mind, behavior and involving other factors as perception and emotion. Educational psychology is a multidimensional study of student psychology, teacher psychology, school and social psychology. It is important for a teacher to teach his/her students according to their mental abilities. Educational psychology helps the teacher in doing so.

“While general psychology is pure science, educational psychology is its application in the field of education with the aim of socializing an individual and modifying his behavior.”  (Anderson).

Teaching-Learning Process

Educational psychology supports the teacher to perform his/her duty in an effective manner. Due to this the teaching & learning process will become more productive. It provides knowledge of the nature of the child. A teacher would know how to teach when to teach and whom to teach. It differentiates between the ordinary teacher/instructor and a quality teacher. It classifies individual differences and helps to understand the needs of learners.

One teacher who is a fresh graduate from university studies educational psychology well can be a good teacher than an experienced teacher who doesn’t know it. Kindergarten students’ learn with female teachers more effectively than male teachers, because of emotional contact, as mathematical sciences or engineering fields at higher levels are taught by many male professors then females. It is crucial for a teacher to understand the psyche and individual differences of each student.

In each class there are a lot of different students (minds) present, understanding of each child/learner is also different. Normally, we believe that some are slow learners or dull but there are no dull or retarded students actually, they just need special techniques to learn. Different approaches and school of thoughts supports the learning and positive behavior.

Educational psychology is studied as a major subject of education on a large scale but its implementation is still far away. In the current fast-growing world, it can play an important role in the improvement of the teaching-learning process.

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