Subject: MathematicsTime: 60 minutes
Topic: Ratio & ProportionGrade: VI
Concrete material for hands-on

Hands-on activities
Demonstration method
Exercise practice


Students will be able to:

  • Define and also discuss the ratio
  • Know that of the two quantities antecedent and consequent
  • Calculate and simplifying the ratios
  • Describe the relationship between ratio and fraction
  • Reduce the given ratio into lowest (equivalent) form


Explain ratio as the quantitative relation between two amounts. It shows the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other. A ratio is an ordered pair of numbers, written a : b, with b ≠ 0. The first part namely antecedent while second is known as consequent. For example ratio of 15 apples and 30 oranges can be written as 15 : 30 also 1 : 2, it clears oranges are double then apple. (15 min)

The facilitator will further elaborate on the concept of the ratio by some real-life examples.

E.g: (i) Books on a shelf. If there are 6 maths books and 4 physics books, the ratio of maths books compared to physics books would be 6:4, which reduces to 3:2.

(ii) In a school teacher-students ratio is one teacher 25 students, 1 : 25. Particularly, ask participants examples. (15 min) & proportion

Moreover, describe the relationship between ratio and fraction with simple examples. The ratio between 40 kg sugar and 90 kg rice 40 : 90 would be written as or. Second example the ratio of boys to compare girls in a school is 200 boys and 300 girls;

So, the result is 2:3 which is also write in percentage 40% boys and 60% girls. (15 min)


Discus, convert the equivalent units before reducing ratios into lowest form. E.g (exempli gratia):

50 km : 5000 m (change meters into kilometers or vice-versa)

50 km : 5 km

10 km : 1 km

So, their ratio of 10 : 1

Some questions are also to assess participants understanding:

(i) 90km : 3000 m

(ii) 1200 gram : 60 kg

(iii) 36 months : 12 years. (15 min)

­­Assignment/extended task:

Solve the attached worksheet 01

Worksheet-01 Ratio & Proportion

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