Definition Of PreSchool Activity Ideas

“In simple words, introduce learning or learning settings contributing early childhood education for the kids formerly commence of their compulsory schooling is called Preschool Activity Ideas.”

Objective/ELOs Preschool Activity

  • Understanding of world around them by interactive activities
  • Share and express their ideas with clarity, and gain confidence
  • These activities will help learners in the domain of early exploration by using their fullest potential as well support learning
  • Enhance prior knowledge through learning by doing approaches

Primary Colors Theme

Secondary Colors Theme

Things Around Us Theme

Living Things Theme

Water Saving theme

Sports Material Theme

Importance of Preschool Activities

The Preschool activities help to establishing familiarity and association between different things. In fact, supports the toddlers to starting their learning by introducing the letters and alphabets. This may be equally important to lifelong learning of the concepts. Furthermore, these activities eliminates the points of confusion in the early age. It is also related to the exploration of ideas and independence to present ideas according to their understanding. Moreover, these activities are very useful and interactive as engagement of kids in terms of five senses.

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