The Single National Mathematics Curriculum 2020 is to enhance mathematical literacy, set off logical thinking, reasoning and clear up real-life conditions amongst students. Overall this curriculum presents a framework that encompasses expectations and presents practice for significant mastering of Mathematics at the foremost level. This report helps instructors to design, implement, and analyze instructions, and evaluation strategies in order to accomplish the standard purpose of the curriculum. The whole curriculum is divided into 4 strands, Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Measurements and Geometry and Data Handling, all underpinned in Reasoning and Logical thinking which serves as a cross-cutting strand.

This curriculum file consists of important points of pedagogical tactics that are designed to help arithmetic instructors reap the overall objectives of this curriculum. For example, amongst others, Real Life Situations and Number Stories are two of the techniques to acquire the targets of this curriculum. These techniques interact with school students in analyzing situations and making use of mathematical know-how to resolve associated real-life situations. Moreover, college students get possibilities to construct comparable conditions and various memories and subsequently get intellectually stimulated and engaged with mathematical content. Mental Mathematics and inquiry strategy are equally necessary strategies specially for creating a wide variety of sense, forming predictions, justifying arguments with proof, and drawing conclusions. Thus, this curriculum focuses on principles, patterns and structures so that students can practice their growing mathematical understanding and improve a holistic perception of the subject.


Instill Mathematical skills for everyday use

Strengthen basic mathematical skills to set the foundation for higher level mathematics

Develop the ability to think in a logical manner to analyze diverse situations

Develop a sense of appreciation and enjoy learning mathematics

Develop a deep and sustainable understanding through Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach

Engage in investigations and inquiries to develop skills in mathematical reasoning, processing information, making connections to real-life situations and making judgments

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