Single National Curriculum for General Knowledge 2020 for Grade I to III is the result of an
effort to evaluate and revise the previous curriculum in line with cutting-edge trends and
innovations in one-of-a-kind fields. It is essential to mention right here that the National Curriculum
2006 for General Knowledge used to be an integration of General Science, Social Studies and
Islamiat. The challenge of Islamiat used to be built-in into General Knowledge in Grades I and II
and seemed as a separate difficulty from grade III onwards.

Keeping in view tips from distinctive stakeholders, the government has taken
the historical choice to introduce Islamiat (for Muslim students) and Religious Education
(for minorities) as separate topics from Grade I onwards.


• Broadening the learning space (out of the classroom learning)
• Strengthening the interface with pre-primary and secondary school curricula
• Developing understanding of ethical values
• Integrating students’ learning experiences with an emphasis on patriotism and
sustainable development
• Promoting life-long learning and enhancing 21st-century skills
• Developing students’ independent learning
• Enhancing interest and appreciation in society and curiosity in science & technology
• Putting emphasis on students’ holistic development and providing them real life
quality experience, based on inquiry and hands-on activities/experiences.

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